Madeleine de Sade performs a classic burlesque act with feather fans, inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood.

She will tease you with delicate movements and enchant your attention with a high energy show 

Get ready for some decadence!


I know you,

I walked with you once upon a dream... follow me

 into the world of fairytales and make certain you don’t forget to invite the dark fairy of the woods.

This show combines a mystical atmosphere, including Isis wings, with a lot of high energy and classic bump'n'grind.

The Countess

Come and take a trip with us deep into the Carpathians of Transylvania.

Explore Bram Stoker’s novel in a new way and make sure you have your garlic with you.

It can get very bloody, if you please.


"Whatever you ask I will give you, up to half my kingdom."

Oriental dance meets Big Band,

get seduced by the dance of the seven veils and don’t loose your head.

the hotel room

A woman is checking in into a hotel room to let her secret fantasies free- One never knows what is happening behind closed doors.

This act is a homage to the queen of fetish “Bettie Page”and ideal for everyone who wants to spice up his event.

Bond villain

Look out! There is an enemy spy among us!

Who is deliciously naughty, and people love to hate.

Her name is danger and is better known with the codeword


This charismatic act is a homage to the past bond villains,

it will be served hot with some butterfly knife tricks and  with a cash money gun shower at the end.

Blue Velvet

She wore blue velvet
Bluer than velvet was the night …

Madeleine de Sade is going to carry you off into the world of the theatric 40ies.

She will perform on her blue velvet seat and making you fall in love.

This is a classic Burlesque act and ideal for private and business events

"Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven."

He was once the most beautiful of all angels, but then he was cast out from heaven and commended to hell, after his failed rebellion against God.

No need to worry…. Lucifer quickly found the joy of new friends and new deeds.

This Act is a homage to Rubens “the fall of the damned” and begins with a dramatic intro and turns into a seductive, high power act.

Nurse Feelgood

I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me....

This is a high energy act, with a lot of feline floorwork and interaction with the audience- ideal for theme parties and fetish events.

Hannibal Lecter

Eat the rude.

Dr. Lecter escaped from the Sanatory and is in search of his next fine and delicious meal.

Prepare for a powerful and strong act, ideal for motto themes and fetish events.